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  • Produce receipt for client
  • Scan or take picture from client ID and add to client file
  • Track client transactions and reprint receipt
  • Accounting and book keeping
  • Ability to update currency rate table from XML Feed like www.xe.com
  • Accept Debit, Credit, Money Order and other type of payment method

  • New * Profit / Loose report

New*Currency converter
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Get canadian currency Exchange rate
This system is compatible and works for all countries.

Complient with FINTRAC (CANADA) AND OFAC (USA government organization, the Office of Foreign Assets Control).

Customize Office Exchange to meet your business requirments Custom report tool and ablility to integrat with SQL Reporting services ...more

Multi-Currency Accounting Except Credit card, Debit card, Money order, e-wire and other mthod of payments ...more

<New * Profit/Loss Reports are now fully implemented. ...more

Cash Checks is now available. ...more

Office Exchange document is now available for download. ...download here

Updated FINTRAC Guidelines are available in the FINTRAC page...more

Currency Exchange Software

汇兑软件, 匯兌軟體,
средство программирования валютнаяа биржа
logiciel de change
software del intercambio de modernidad

Office Exchange is a multi currency accounting software that was specifically designed for Foreign Currency Exchange Offices and financial companies that mainly Exchange Currencies, Cash Checks, Give loans and Transfer Money to any location in the world. It is an excellent tool for Managerial Decision Making in a Currency Exchange Office. Office Exchange is the result of years of research and interviews with foreign exchange offices in Canada and other countries. It is very easy to use, reliable and can be customized to meet your business requirement.

Custom developed solution

CGI Design specializes in custom Currency Exchange and Money Transfer software development and delivers high quality solutions to these type of businesses. In our work we use modern technologies and individual approach to every company.
Your software will be.
  • Customized - specialized solution, developed exactly for your organization, considering all features of your business.
  • Secure - strong protection algorithms to prevent steal or misuse of the information.
  • Easy-to-use - simple and clear interface will allow you to concentrate on your work and will decrease your training costs.
Remit, Transfer Money to any location in the world

You can remit (send) money to any location in the world instantly. It is very easy, after you register the transaction in the system you click on the send link then you choose the location from the menu and that is all you have to do. Then, your agent can login to the system from anywhere in the world using a computer connected to the internet to view received transactions in detail and process the remit.

Currency Exchange POS Windows Add agents to your network and expand your business

Using Office Exchange Server your company can create a network with hundreds of agencies around the world. Each agency will have it's own username and password and they can use the Office Exchange independently
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